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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Demand for IP Storage

Demand for IP Storage and Ease of Integration Fuels Intransa Partner Program Growth

SAN JOSE, Calif. & ATLANTA --(Business Wire)-- Intransa, the global leader of shared, scalable and simple external IP storage solutions, today announced the continued expansion of its StorAlliance Technology Partner and certification program. Designed to propel the compatibility and growth of both industry-leading and up-and-coming software and hardware vendors, the Intransa StorAlliance Technology Partner program provides security practitioners with affordable and dependable solutions. Customers are guaranteed Intransa's IP storage products integrate seamlessly with video management and security applications, existing DVRs and both analog and digital surveillance cameras. StorAlliance was the first IP storage certification program for the physical security industry, and remains the most widely adopted. 

The Intransa StorAlliance Technology Partner program assists framework suppliers leverage existing video surveillance infrastructures by adding new capabilities, while providing integrators with the opportunity to reduce support costs and challenges and ensure non-stop video recording. The program also assists video analytics and video management suppliers in recording and retaining more video in less total capacity than individual DVRs. Intransa has adopted a 100 percent channel strategy to provide complete customer ready solutions that are cost effective for edge recording or for one or more DVR-based CCTV surveillance systems that require increased capacity and reliability, or for new, all-IP solutions. 

"With our unique approach to IP storage for physical security, partners throughout the industry can capitalize on the growing customer need for seamless, reliable integration," said Jeff Whitney, vice president, Marketing for Intransa. "With the StorAlliance program, partners can accelerate their growth, differentiate their business and drive to greater profitability with the knowledge that they have partnered with a recognized Video Surveillance Storage leader and their efforts will benefit their customers." 

Napatech Adds New Features to NT20 Family 10GbE High-Performance Network Adapters

ANDOVER, Mass. — Napatech announces the latest release called ANAHEIM for their NT family of 10GbE high-performance network adapters for PCI-Express. The ANAHEIM release includes new additional features to the earlier announced TUCSON software release. The new features described are added to the already feature-rich product line offered to Napatech’s OEM customers. The high performance adapters include features such as line rate capture and processing of frames up to 20 Gbps, 10 ns time-stamping of every packet, channel merging, frame classification, conditional dynamic frame slicing, support for 32 CPU cores, and more. Product displays at INTEROP in New York, September 17-19 2008.

New additional features
* Deduplication
* Filter Priorities
* Packet Coloring
* Daisy Chain Time Synchronization of Napatech adapters

Napatech NT20The new Deduplication feature can remove duplicate frames (frames containing identical payload) from the traffic captured by the Napatech adapter. This saves a substantial amount of server CPU cycles and, for applications storing the network data to disk, also large amounts of disk space.

The new Filter Priorities extend the possibilities of the 64 programmable hardware filters by enabling full control filters working on overlapping definitions. As an example, three filters can be set up to capture all UDP packets, all TCP packets and all other IP packets by giving the IP filter a lower priority than the UDP and TCP filters.

Furthermore, if Packet Coloring is added, each of the three packet types will be tagged with a unique Color ID enabling fast software processing/identification of the individual classes of packets.

Finally as Napatech is seeing more OEMs using several adapters in one server or in servers next to each other, several Napatech adapters can now be daisy-chained and time-synchronized without using external boxes. In this way, an inter-adapter time-stamping precision better than 30 ns can be obtained.

“These new features again add to the Napatech goal of providing world-class off-loading and acceleration features to our OEMs enabling their solutions to provide more advanced analysis and allowing them to scale faster to i.e. 20 Gbps speed or to store more data in an easily retrievable way,” says Nick Arraje, VP Sales of North America.

The feature set supports Linux, FreeBSD and Windows, and includes a programming interface and development tools.

About Napatech

Napatech is a leading OEM supplier of multi-port 1GbE and multi-port 10GbE high-performance network adapters. The core idea is to off-load real-time/streaming protocol, payload analysis and control applications traditionally implemented in software or proprietary hardware. Napatech expects a huge growth in the demand for intelligent and programmable adapters as Ethernet speeds increase, since the current PC architecture limits the amount of processing that can be achieved. Napatech has sales, marketing and R&D offices in Mountain View, California, Andover, Massachusetts and Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more information visit us at:

The New HDX18: Is HP's Latest Notebook 1080 perfect..?

HP announced today two new models in its notebook line that we think could get media lovers very interested: Both the 18.4-inch HDX18 and the 16-inch HDX16 have screen resolutions high enough to allow for full 1080p quality while watching high-definition movies using an optional Blu-ray disc drive. Built-in Wi-Fi, and powerful Altec Lansing Speakers complete the media packages of these powerful systems, which start at $1,549 (for the HDX18) and $1,299 (for the HDX16). Both will be available later this month.

Computer Shopper Senior Editor Sarah E. Anderson obtained an HDX18, and has spent the last few days with it. Here's some of what she's had to say about it:

"HP’s newest HDX is all about design with ease of use as a close second. While the original dual-hinged Pavilion HDX Entertainment Notebook was by all accounts innovative, it wasn’t exactly mobile, and its audience was limited to those who lusted after bragging rights more than true portability and functionality. The new 16- and 18.4-inch HDXs, however, still have plenty to offer in terms of bragging rights.

"The first thing you notice is the new Fluid imprint pattern that extends from the lid to the keyboard deck and even onto the touch pad. The titanium and chrome chassis is streaked with hairline waves at random in varying shades of charcoal and gray. Pop the lid, and you’ll find a 16:9 wide-screen display that extends nearly to the edge, though it’s not a true edge-to-edge plate of glass. The integrated VGA webcam is seamless, however, and two microphones flank either side of it.

"We like the spacious keyboard, which is silver and follows suit with HP’s Pavilion line. It offers good key travel and generous spacing for the most part. The exceptions are the function keys, ESC key, and arrow keys, all of which are smaller than usual (and on the 16-inch system, the number pad keys are also smaller).

"Above the keyboard, you’ll find HP’s well-known touch media buttons that include a Media Center toggle, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast-Forward, Stop, Eject, Mute, volume controls, equalizer controls for treble and bass, and a Wi-Fi toggle. The Wi-Fi toggle changes from orange to blue when you touch it, but the volume controls do not; instead, they launch a volume box on the screen—an improvement over the previous HDX, which offered no visual or tactile feedback for the volume controls. And volume control is important: When we listed to Melissa Ethridge’s 'I’m the Only One,' the HDX18 easily produced enough volume to jam to in a medium-size dorm room or living room."

Check back with us soon to read her full review of the HDX18.

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Posted by Matthew Murray on September 16, 2008, 12:01 AM

Special Deal:

HP Pavilion dv9700t Entertainment Notebook PC (2.0GHz; 320GB HD; 3GB Memory)$1183.99
HP Pavilion dv9700t Entertainment Notebook PC with Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo Processor T5750 (2.0GHz); 320GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive; 3GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm); Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (32-bit). Offering the latest in multitasking and multimedia, the dv9700t, a new arrival to our dv9000 series, is a desktop-replacement-level entertainment powerhouse. It's also packed with innovative optional features, including a fingerprint reader, and it sports our cool new "Radiance" finish.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lenovo-3000 G410 2049 42Q

Details & Specifications

Celeron 540(1.86GHz),
512MB RAM,
80GB 5400rpm HD,
14.1in 1280x800 LCD,
Intel X3100,
Broadcom 802.11bg wireless,
10/100 Ethernet, 6c Li-Ion,
DOS license.
Warranty Period (Years) 1

Latest Core-2 Duo PC with 17 TFT

Details & Specifications

Intel Pentium Core-2 Duo2.4 GHz
Intel 945 Chipset Mother Board
320 BG SATA Hard Disk
17" TFT Monitor
DVD Writer
Multimedia Key Board
Optical Mouse
Mini Multimedia Speaker - 2.1
Cabinet With SMPS
Warranty as Company Standard.